Building a brighter tomorrow

Building a brighter tomorrow

At McGregor Tan, we are passionate about supporting young Australians reaching their potential and in becoming the leaders of tomorrow. As a company which has seen four decades come and go, we understand the importance of fostering talent and most importantly, of paying forward the mentorship, support and growth opportunities which we have been so generously afforded during our Company’s journey.

Last year, we kicked off our Pay It Forward project, by launching a South Australian internship program. Partnering with various South Australian tertiary organisations, we provide students the opportunity to work on real life projects with the support of an experienced team. Thus giving them true insight into the commercial realities of business, while having access to mentors in the organisation to help guide them on their career path. So far, McGregor Tan has hosted more than 20 interns, for varying projects from graphic design to marketing to IT projects, and plan on hosting a minimum of 4 interns per year.

Having worked in the Northern Territory for more than three decades, providing education and mentorship opportunities to Indigenous students from remote Australian communities is particularly close to our hearts and why we have partnered with the Conway’s Kids charity as part of our Pay It Forward project. Conway’s Kids is a not for profit organisation that supports Indigenous students from remote central Australian communities to complete their education. Students are nominated by their families and Conway’s Kids supports the families through enrollment and transition to school initially and then throughout the entirety of their education.

If you would like to find out more about Conway’s Kids or would like to contribute to this amazing charity, head over to their website at

If you would like to learn more about internship opportunities at McGregor Tan please contact our Marketing and Corporate Services Manager, Lozanne Pretorius, at

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