Qualitative research is one of the most effective methods for drawing out elements of human behaviour, attitudes, emotions and personality traits that are associated with a particular topic, product, service or event. When qualitative research is coupled with quantitative research, a deeper level of understanding can be attained. Our methods allow you to understand “Why?” a particular response was given by the population.

Qualitative research usually takes the form of observations through focus groups or structured in-depth interviews. The McGregor Tan qualitative research team is led by experienced focus group moderators who specialise in deploying techniques that are designed to elicit honest, engaging and exploratory insights from participants. This is coupled with our one-way glass viewing facilities in Adelaide, which provide you with the ability to view participants, their body language, and interactions directly. You will receive a complete qualitative research experience and the ability to draw deeper insights from your research. All focus group sessions are recorded and recordings are made available to clients for their perusal.

New for 2018, McGregor Tan has an exclusive package available which incorporates room hire, focus group facilitation and focus group transcription. Click here to learn more.


McGregor Tan is a national focus group recruitment company, recruiting in all Australian States and Territories. We specialise in regional areas, where it is typically hard to recruit consumer and business groups. With over 40 years of experience, McGregor Tan has its own specialised in-house recruitment team and a proprietary panel of 20,000+ respondents. Utilising a range of sources and the latest digital recruitment techniques to maximise the success of our group recruitment, our focus group attendance rates are consistently ~90% of recruited participants, making us the premier recruitment company for focus groups. We can recruit for both large and small projects. Categories for which we have recruited in the past include:

  • Consumer groups for insurance, air conditioners, solar energy, education, banking, beer, wine, building services, shampoo, government communications, advertising testing, website testing, product concept testing, food, and other FMCGs.
  • Hard to recruit groups such as doctors, optometrists, accountants, tradespeople, and other professionals.
  • Targeted groups such as persons with disabilities, or requiring medical services.
  • Indigenous groups, including many in remote communities.
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