Brand Health refers to more than just branding and brand image; it refers to a number of interrelated measures that can be linked to your business performance. Our Brand Health Monitoring research takes a 360° view of your brand and, by using both qualitative and quantitative market research techniques, you gain consumer insights into various aspects of your brand. Our Brand Health Monitoring research delves into company awareness, brand perceptions, performance drivers and inhibitors, customer expectations, and market segmentation. Insights gained from our Brand Health Monitoring Research reveals a way forward into developing a Branding Strategy to meet your organisation’s goals.


Market segmentation is the process of dividing a market of existing or potential customers into sub-groups, also known as segments, based on a set of shared characteristics, such as location, age, gender, needs, interests, or beliefs. Market Segmentation Studies are designed to provide insights into how a market is structured and operates, what opportunities exist in the market, whether niche markets exist, and the wants and needs of different consumer segments. Market Segmentation Studies provide insights into your market to drive intelligent businesses decisions and tailored marketing messages, strategies, and offerings to meet specific needs of different targeted groups in the market. Businesses are often afforded an advantage over the competition by following creative market segmentation strategies.


Communication and Advertising Concept Testing is an effective way of identifying the best way to meet advertising and communication objectives. Through a combination of qualitative and quantitative research techniques, our Communication and Advertising Concept Testing research provides insights and understanding into what works and what does not work in relation to advertising and communications, including rebranding your business. Additionally, you will discover the best ways to connect with your target audience before campaigns go live, advertising concepts are published or your business rebrand is announced – saving time and money. Communication and Advertising Concept Testing can identify weak concepts, confusing words, language and ideas, visual styles preferred by your audience, and possible offending concepts or ideas. Communication and Advertising Concept Testing helps you get the best bang for your advertising buck.


The best way to test the effectiveness of advertising campaigns is by undertaking Pre- and Post Campaign Monitoring also referred to as Pre- and Post Campaign Tracking. Prior to campaigns going live, customers will be asked a series of questions. These questions are related to their awareness, perception, and intention to purchase your products or services. This provides a baseline for the research. At the conclusion of the campaign, further research will be undertaken along the same lines to measure the effectiveness of your campaign. Often Post Campaign monitoring is done in isolation as companies want to measure the reach and awareness of their campaign(s).


Digital marketing has now been so comprehensively mixed in with traditional marketing, that we are now able to promote our products and services 24-7 with a highly targeted approach in terms of our communications. The result is an ‘always on’ campaign, a calendar of tactical and brand strategy campaigns supported by digital promotions. We have developed methodologies to provide you with the feedback you need to strengthen your communications, whether they are for positioning or for acquisition. Our continuous measures are designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of the effectiveness across multiple channels. We do this through deploying a combination of market research and big data analytics. By setting clear goals we are able to provide transparent results across the multiple channels used by your organisation.

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