Perceptual Mapping is a market research tool used to understand whether your company and associated company’s brands are perceived and positioned in the market the way you envisage them to be. Perceptual Mapping identifies the attributes which are both important in establishing brand identity and its significance as organisational benefits. In simple terms, it is an analysis through the use of a mapping technique and shows the competitive market position of brands and their attributes. The Perceptual Map of the brand would show:

  • The strength of the brand image
  • The level of discrimination of brand attributes; and
  • The level of association of these attributes to the brand.

A significant benefit of a well-conducted brand mapping exercise is that it will identify the ideal market position that your company should aspire towards. This “desired position” is effectively the “destination” of your brand roadmap and the way forward.


Understanding who your competitors are and what they are offering is key to ensuring your company’s pricing, branding and marketing are on point. Our Competitor Analysis research identifies competitors in your market and evaluates their strategies to determine your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses relative to those of your own products or services.

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