By joining our McGregor Tan Community you will be invited to share your opinions with us, either through completing surveys or attending our focus groups. By sharing your knowledge, experiences and opinions with us, you are able to impact on aspects of the world around you, such as local transport structures, developments in your city through local councils, even aspects of business like product development and the price of groceries in your local supermarket.

You may think that your opinion won’t make a difference, but it does to us! In a survey of 400 members, your opinion represents almost 60,000 Australians in a nationwide survey.

Community/Panel members who complete online surveys enjoy a number of rewards like an entry into the monthly $200 cash draw and into our annual grand prize giveaway of $1,000. There are also random cash prize giveaways for completion of particular surveys and ticket giveaways from time to time. For a list of last year’s winners click here.

Focus group participants are paid for their time, the value of which differ among focus groups.

The privacy of our panel members is very important to us. Your personal information will be used only by McGregor Tan, strictly for market research purposes only. Your personal information will not be shared with any third part. To read our privacy policy, please click here.

If you join and for any reason decide you would like to unsubscribe, the process of doing so is at the click of a button.

You can make a difference just by sharing your opinions and we want to hear yours!

Don’t just observe the change. Be the change.

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